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We're on call for your heating needs 24/7!

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We're on call for your heating needs 24/7!

The oil & gas industry is rapidly changing. Complete Heat can help you meet your esg goals!


Complete Heat operates the largest and most advanced fleet of High fuel efficiency heaters in the Rocky Mountain region!


Our ultra efficient water heating process saves you money over traditional hot oil style frac heaters!

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Why Choose Complete Heat?

Complete Heat Frac Service, LLC is a multi-service oilfield company that specializes in providing high fuel efficiency frac water heaters, pressure testing, hot oiling, and water transfer services.

Complete Heat has the region's largest fleet of high efficiency frac water heaters. Our frac heaters are designed with proven high efficiency forced air heating technology, which reduces costs for our customers. As industry leaders, we are never satisfied with "good enough", and are constantly looking for new ways to improve.

Complete Heat isn't just our name, it's who we are, your complete heating solution! We know that every heating job has different challenges to overcome, and that's why we operate a diverse fleet of heaters, that can be tailored to your exact heating needs! We have Tri-Fuel units that can utilize Propane, Natural Gas, Compressed Natural Gas, and Diesel. We can provide a variety of different custom setups with a combination of truck mounted heaters, as well as trailer mounted heaters of varying size and capabilities.

Regardless of size or style, all of our heaters fulfill three basic requirements that help us set ourselves apart from our competition, and offer superior service to our clients.

The Complete Heat Standard
1. Efficiency-Fuel efficiency rating of 85%-99%.
2. Safety-Safety shutdowns and "zero flame emission"
3. Environmental -Reduce carbon footprint by 35%-50%

Are you choosing the right contractor?

All companies seem to say the same thing, claiming cost savings, performance advantages, or improved safety as their defining benefit. However, the fact is that nearly every company in the industry utilizes the exact same combustion technology that's been around since the 1950's! Most oil and gas professionals are familiar with traditional updraft frac heaters, These are often referred to as “hot oil” style heaters, because it is essentially a big hot oiler, with a few modifications.

Why is efficiency important?

The reason this should be important to HSE professionals, consultants, completion supervisors, and E&P company executives alike, is that a traditional "hot oil" style frac heater has a fuel efficiency rating of 50-70%! This means for every hour of operation, approximately 30-50% of fuel consumed in that heater is wasted and lost through the exhaust stack! This excess flame and heat loss can add thousands of dollars daily to heating costs, and can add up to millions of dollars depending on the scale of a completions program!

Are you using the right heater for your job?

Complete Heat Offers:
-Hot Oil Trucks
-Truck Mounted Mobile Heaters
-Traditional Updraft Heater Trailers
-High Fuel Efficiency Heater Trailers
-High Efficiency High Volume Heater Trailers
-High Efficiency Multi-Fuel Heater Trailers

Are you using the lowest cost fuel source?

Complete Heat Offers:
-Propane (LPG)
-Natural Gas (NG)
-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
-Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

Our ability to use multiple types of fuel ensures that our customers are getting the lowest costs possible, and are protected from unexpected commodity price hikes!

Are you getting the service you deserve?

Complete Heat has a foundation in customer first service on location. We emphasize our technology, but quality service is still our most important asset. Our customers and consultants appreciate that Complete Heat makes them look good, by delivering heat for any size job, all while cutting their winter heating costs by up to 40%!

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